Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Hein

Managing director MANAGEMENT BOARD

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Major Research Areas and Interests

• Limnology, wetland/floodplain ecology, nutrient and matter dynamics,landscape ecology
• Interaction between fluvial dynamics and ecosystem processes, nutrient management
• Interactions between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems (catchment approach)
• Development of conservation and restoration strategies for riverine landscapes
• Implementation of nature conservation and nutrient management issues in river basin management

Further scientific activities

Member of scientific association
• European Academy of Sciences and Arts: www.euro-acad.eu

Editorial member
• Editor in chief: River Systems (Schweizerbart)
• Member of the editorial board: Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Springer)

Member of the board in associations
• International Association for Danube Research www.iad.gs
• Austrian Committee for Danube Research www.oen-iad.org

Involvement in EUSDR Flagship projects
• Member of the management board of DanubeFuture www.danubefuture.eu
• Member of the Danube Sturgeon Task Force www.dstf.eu
• Cooperation partner of the project DREAM (Danube River Research and Management)
• Member of the Danubius-RI International Initiative Committee www.danubius-ri.eu

Newsletter of the International Association for Danube Research (IAD) - Danube News
The new DanubeFuture White paper on Integrated Sustainable Development of the Danube River Basin is available.

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